Sikh Art

Art has the ability to inspire. It can focus your mind and capture the imagination. Art has a long history in Sikhi from the frescoes painted inside Harmandir Sahib to the 20th century paintings of Sobha Singh. Adorning your home with Sikh art can help tether your family's daily rhythm to the values and teachings of the Guru while adding a beautiful visual aesthetic to your decor. Here are three up and coming Sikh artists whose work I have in my own home.

Rupy Tut's art brings to life motifs used throughout Gurbani with verses embedded in the artwork and written in Gurmukhi along with the English translation. I particularly love her style of calligraphy and find nature well represented in her work. I have one of her pieces in my dining room and always get questions about it when guests are visiting.

Dilmeet Kaur utilizes delicate floral designs and calligraphy of Gurbani verses which produce artwork that is distinctively feminine. She has a broad range of art related products on her website that make our Guru's teachings accessible to anyone at any age. I have one of her pieces in my daughter's bedroom.

Bhagat Singh brings Sikh devotional art into the modern age. His work breathes life into the history of Sikhism using a digital painting technique that produces vivid detail and an oil-on-canvas effect. Many of his works have a fantasy element to them and are perfect for a boy's room. I have his painting depicting Guru Arjan Dev Ji's martyrdom in my hallway.