Meet Kirat

Hi, I'm Kirat. I'm self-confessed "craft geek" and mom of two wonderful children. My husband Kulbir and I created this website to share Sikh holiday ideas with parents who can't take their children to the Gurdwara. This all started a few years ago when we created some activities for our kids to do during major Sikh holidays. Then this year after the Covid-19 lockdown began, our local Gurdwara's Vaisakhi celebration was cancelled so I shared the activity I created with my sister. Not only did my sister's kids love it, they also learned a little bit about Sikhism. Since millions of families across the globe are facing the same challenges, my husband and I decided to share our holiday activity ideas with the world.

There are many important holidays and anniversaries in Sikhism but I've shared the five activities that my kids loved the most. Make them your own or find inspiration to create one yourself. A special thank you goes out to my cousin Jasdeep Singh who helped us with dates, calendars, history, and Gurbani quotes. This website wouldn't have happened without him.

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